J'Adore June

June was my beauty month, I literally went crazy buying 3 nail polishes, a nail oil, lotions etc. My wallet was begging for mercy when I bought these products:

I've been dying to get the "Matte About You" by Essie, and I finally did, but that wasn't the only one I got. Oh no! Together with that I bought the "Navigate Her" - also by Essie, "Lady in Black" by OPI and an oil by OPI as well. I went a little too far...

My friend has been begging me to try the Summer Shake at Mc Donalds, and I must say it gets a little bit too much when you're going through it. Let's just say the look fools you.

This month was my Essie - Navigate Her month. The color is really pretty, but a little bit thick when applying it on your nails. This picture was taken outside (obviously), with my friends on a hot summer day - when it actually is hot. I immediately took a picture. 

More beauty products: Starting from the far left, a lip gloss by Yves Saint Laurent - it's number 43. 

My two Body Shop products, Moringa Body Butter - it smells de-li-cious. I invested in a raspberry shower gel because it really reminds me of the summer and it makes me smell über nice. 

Two glosses by Gosh, I got them on a sale and the bright pink on the left is like a felt-tip pen, tastes weird (not that I eat my glosses, but it gets in your mouth somehow) and I must say the application is quite annoying because it requires a lot of steps - it's called 02 PINK by the way. 

The other gloss by Gosh is way more OK than the first one, it's a gloss like the others, difference is: the brush is more like a q tip. The color is called Cherry Blossom and it's also a number 2. 

Then we have some earrings in bright pink from H&M - also on sale for like a dollar or so.

What Do You Think?
Does the summer also get you all shopping crazy? Did you spend too much as well? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

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4th of July

As many of you probably know, Independence Day is coming up and way too many focus on getting the parties, food and shopping ready, and that leads to forgetting the fun part of the whole day - dressing up! I've been going through a few sites and created some day and night outfits.

{Jeans - Mango, Shirt - Monsoon, Long Sleeve Blouse - Coggles, Hijab - Vela Scarves, Necklace - Hannah Zakari, Converse - ASOS}
A simple, long and thematic outfit for hijabi girls. It's covering and the colors do match their purpose. Regular, blue skinny jeans, a long shirt - with a white long sleeve blouse underneath it. For the hijab I found a really beautiful scarf from Vela Scarves, combined with a red necklace and converse.

{T-Shirt - Alloy, Shorts - Jennyfer, Bag - Mango, Necklace - Fantasy Jewelry Box, Toms - Nelly, Lips - Karma Loop}
Let's hope for warm weather to fit with this outfit! Cute American flag shorts paired with a simple t-shirt, Toms shoes and a red statement necklace. The bag is quite practical when going out, and the sticker-lips from Violent Lips represent the American flag as well as the shorts, really fun and cool idea for the brave ones.

{Dress - ASOS, Heels - Charlotte Russe, Belt - Zappos, Clutch - ASOS, Lipstick - ASOS}
There's probably a 100% chance that people are going to party at night, that's totally OK with me because I've made some outfits for you. Really beautiful dress from ASOS, red heels, a belt for the dress and a white clutch.

{Dress - Tilly's, Heels - Whole-Sale-Dress, Hijab - Vela, Blazer - 2b, Tie-Dye Clutch - Zara}
Long, chic and beautiful. Three words to describe this outfit. No doubt that this outfit will make you the queen of the party. Blue dress and heels with a red blazer. The clutch is in contrast from the whole theme, and somehow that looks really good. White scarf - again by Vela.

Happy Independence Day!

What Do You Think?
Are these outfits just what you needed, is something totally wrong? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

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Lauren Conrad Inspired Look

{Flats - American Eagle Outfitters, Jeans - AX, Shirt - H&M, Bag - Topshop, Blazer - Akira, Coat - Alloy, Sunglasses - H&M}
Lauren Conrad is quite famous for her sense of style and unlike some celebs, she's actually smart. She knows what to say and how to act, therefore she's really someone young girls can look up to. I chose this look mainly because of the title from Just Jared Jr
Fashion Is About Having Fun
- Lauren Conrad

This outfit was worn at the airport, so I decided on some kind of traveler outfit, since it is summer, and many people are leaving for the holiday. Wearing this makes sure you wont be too warm nor too cold, for some reason it's always important to carry a coat no matter where you're going.

It is really easy and chic, no heels - no heavy makeup. Just what you need on a vacation!

What Do You Think?
Are you a fan of Lauren Conrad? Do you like her sense of style? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

Statement Necklaces

Every year some kind of accessory is in, and this year it's all about the statement necklaces. Not only are they seen on the everyday lives of fashionistas, not at all! Celebs are doing it too, and to be honest it looks really good...

Photo Credit: 12345
The statement necklace can be styled with basically anything, just don't go all fashion crazy with the colors though, that wouldn't be the point of it. It looks really good when you wear some base colors so it wont take the attention away from the necklace, that wouldn't look way too good anyways. Way too confused? don't worry, I have found the coolest and best ways of wearing the "statement necklace".

{Necklace - Forever 21, Top - Billabong, Shorts - Shorts, Shoes - Asos
Sweet pink colors, check! This cute and colorful outfit is perfect for a hot day (when the sun actually appears). We've got the base colors, lace shorts in a very light pink, tank top in grey that begs for a trip to the beach and some simple old school converse in pink. The necklace of this outfit is long and gold, the pearls make it stand out of the text on the top. 

Statement in Blue
{Necklace - Forever 21, Dress - Desire Clothing, Shoes - Debenhams, Perfume - Victoria's Secret}
Dressy for the daily occasions, this outfit is not too much nor too simple, it's really cute for work or school, you might want to carry some flats in your bag, if you have a long day though! Since this outfit doesn't carry any prints, we can easily pick out any kind of necklace, for this I picked the armor necklace by Forever 21. 

{Necklace - Macy's, Dress - Alloy, Denim Jacket - Debenhams, Sandals - Jildor Shoes, Hijab - Pinz Pinz Pinz, Hijab Pin - Jaan J}
Finally  a cute long dress for the hijabi girls, this time a long beaded pink dress paired with a denim jacket, which looks really good with the blue necklace, that matches the beads on the dress. Simple sandals, it just looks really good when you wear sandals with a long maxi dress. Of course we can't leave the house without our hijab, this time a colorful and summer-ish hijab is the answer to the whole outfit, forget about being way too neutral. 

What Do You Think?
Do you like these outfits? Is this something you would wear? Should something be different? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Kourtney Kardashian Style Inspiration Part 2

For the second part of the Kourtney Kardashian inspiration outfit, I picked something quite outgoing and simple at the same time, Kourtney doesn't over exaggerate nor under. This outfit is in it's right place. You can wear this outfit on a shopping trip with the girls or at a party, you decide!

Dress - ASOS
$50 - asos.com

Heels - Viva Bordello
$75 - heels.com

Necklace - Forever 21
$5.80 - forever21.com

Sunglasses - Charlotte Russe
$5.50 - charlotterusse.com

What Do You Think?
Is this outfit cute or nothing you would ever wear? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Get Her Look: Adele

They probably say that every celebrity has his/her own uniqueness, but Adele, oh boy!

Adele has those beautiful eyes and big full lips, therefore, I picked this look from Vogue. It looks absolutely amazing, and guess what? Getting her look is not that hard too!

This look is very neutral, but with tints of bronzer on her cheeks and highlights on her nose. Her lipstick is a very light pink color,  this look is simply all about the eyeliner. Adele's big blue eyes really shows with the black eyeliner, that's why you usually see her with a lot of eyeliner.

The products on the picture are quite inexpensive and student like, for some people it's nice with some inexpensive products concerning their economy, but for others it may be important to buy expensive and good products. Remember you get what you pay for!

Concealer - Clinique 
Foundation - Maybeline
Brow Pencil - Sephora Collection
Bronzer - Rimmel London
Fake Eyelashes - Make Up For Ever
Lipstick - Maybeline
Liquid Eyeliner - Sephora Collection

What Do You Think?
Is this look something you would go for, is this your daily routine, feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

DIY - Melted Crayon Art

Here the other day I was watching some DIY videos on Youtube, when suddenly I came across a video with a weird name saying "melted crayon art", at first I was like "Seriously?", but then I watched it and was pretty amazed and one thing was for certain: I had to try it! The picture above was the result of my painting.

It's not as difficult as it may appear to some, you only need a few things and you're good to go. 

Crayons (Make sure you buy enough to fit your canvas)
Canvas (You can use regular cardboard)
Glue gun
Paint (optional)
Blow dryer

Here's the video I got my inspiration from:

What do You Think?
Is it something cool to try? Have you tried it before, if so feel free to share some pictures in the comments below.